About Nikos Siragas

I am an woodturner who specialises in decorative artistic work, ie woodturning art.   Working with mainly local woods, I like to find and use as many different varieties of wood as possible and here you will find my personal e-shop of woodart, of which there are few on the internet that show such a wide variety of designs.

I have taught and demonstrated in Europe and the USA and regularly take part in seminars, I also run courses at my home here on Crete. You can visit my gallery in the Beach road Petalioti 2 of Rethymno if you visit Crete, or you can see a selection of my work in this e-shop. I am the only internationally known woodturner in Greece and although my demonstrations etc. are outside Greece I do what I can to encourage young people and hobby turners here to take a greater interest in this fascinating and rewarding activity.

My experience of woodturning and carving spans a thirty five year period. I follow the whole process in the preparation of my work, ie from cutting a section of wood from a tree (I have my own olive grove), seasoning it – then turning and finishing a project. For this reason the book I have written with my wife is called From Tree to Gallery. As I use mostly local woods I know the history of virtually every piece of wood that ends up in my gallery as a completed work.

The small items are a selection of some of the more popular pieces that I sell in my gallery, often suitable as gifts   Although the basic design is the same, each one comes out differently as I do not attempt to copy exactly and also the wood grain is different for each item.

Each piece in the one off gallery is completely unique and the gallery shows a wide range of local woods, sometimes combined with exotic woods.

The wall hangings is a new section and will be added to gradually. I like to experiment here with texturing, colouring, scorching etc both for in-centre and off-centre turned designs.

My site and this e-shop are suitable for anyone looking for woodturning art, sculptural turning, woodturning courses and, in general, inspiration to buy or follow this art form.